Lahu Hill Tribe School
Social project
School in the Lahu hill tribe village Pakovi


Pakovi is a small, traditional village of the Lahu in the mountains of Northern Thailand. It is located above Thaton, directly at the border to Burma. The people live in simple wooden houses and work on the surrounding fields to grow their own food. They do not possess a lot which is why they are dependent on financial support to make it possible for the kids to go to school.

The French man Paolo and his Lahu wife own a beautiful resort in Thaton and support this village for years. The helped building the school and take care of children when they are sick.

The school is visited by approximately 50 kids aged between 3 and 14. Afterwards they have to attend the school in Thaton where a school bus is bringing them to. The school only employs two teachers for 50 children. The school has a kitchen to ensure that the kids get a good meal every day. The kitchen is also opened during holidays because some of the kids come from the surrounding villages.

Feel Good Travel donates parts of the travel expenses to this school and gives rice and sweets to the school anytime we bring guests to visit the village. Some of our guests are also staying in Paolo’s resort. He would be happy to give you more information about this social project and he can tell a lot about his experience with the people of this Lahu hill tribe village.

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