Help Street Dogs in Thailand!

“Help for Dogs Thailand” is our association for helping sick or disabled street dogs. We accommodate, feed and medicate them and try to find a new home for these dogs.

Nevertheless, we accommodated more dogs than we could place - which is why we currently offer a home to 25 to 35 dogs. That’s of course a lot of work: the dogs have to be fed, showered and medicated. They also need to learn the basic commands, we have to design ads and posters and once a week we visit a temple to help the dogs who are living there. But most importantly: these dogs need love and attachment!
Thus, we could use some help. We are looking for animal-friendly people who want to live with us for a few weeks and want to help us with the dogs.

Our animal shelter is located approximately 15 minutes outside of the city centre of Chiang Mai. We can offer you a generous guest room with a separate bathroom and a scooter or bike for being flexible.

You will work six hours a day. You can visit the city of Chiang Mai or travel around in Northern Thailand for a few days. We would be delighted to show you around! A swimming pool is just five minutes away. Me, Corinna, my two daughters and our dog carer Asa live in our shelter as well.
We have to charge a small amount for the room and for breakfast. One night in the single bedroom with separate bathroom and breakfast will cost you 10 Euros. The money will benefit the dogs.

We would really appreciate your support!
Please send an email to:

The dogs need your help!

We would really appreciate you supporting our project Help for Dogs Thailand. You can either help us directly in our shelter or support us financially.

Please contact us via email:

Thank you in advance for your support!

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