Thailand, officially the Kingdom of Thailand, is - as the name already indicates – a constitutional monarchy that is ruled by King Bhumibol Adulyadej who is also known as King Rama IX.
Thailand is located in Southeast Asia. Myanmar (former Burma), Lao, Cambodia and Malaysia are its neighbour states. The natural border in the West is the Andaman Sea and in the East it is the Gulf of Thailand.
Thailand’s capital is Bangkok and is called Krung Thep in Thai which means city of Angels. Bangkok has not only the longest city name worldwide but is also the biggest city in Thailand. Thailand had in 2012 estimated 64 million inhabitants – 9.3 millions of them live in Bangkok.
The North and the South of the country are very different to each other. The landscape as well as the culture differ a lot which is interesting to see. Discover the diversity of this wonderful country!

Thailand - An Overview
Capital Bangkok (Krung Thep)
Official Language Thai
Government Constitutional monarchy
Population Ca. 64 million (2012)
Area 513115 km²
Currency Baht
Time Zone UTC +7 (no summer time)

The North

Imagine the brawl of a waterfall, the chirping of crickets in the jungle and the voices of children singing traditional songs in a hill tribe village – that’s what you will find in Northern Thailand!
The North is famous for its fertile areas around the rivers and imposing hilly landscapes. This area will impress you with its unique flora and fauna. Various hill tribes settled down in this area with green rice fields. They preserved their traditions and language and they are still wearing their traditional cloths.
Northern Thailand is a contrast to the islands of the South. Thus the North became a favourite destination for many travellers – also for the Thais.

Central Thailand

If you want to know more about Thailand’s history, travel to Central Thailand! On the one hand the Kingdom’s historical capitals – Sukhothai and Ayutthaya – are located in this area. On the other hand today’s vibrant metropolis was built in Central Thailand.
Sukhothai is the geographical begin of Northern Thailand and also the beginning of the Thai Kingdom. Today, you can only visit the ruins that are left of the magnificent Kingdom. Ayutthaya was also destroyed and the ruins of innumerable temples were integrated in the modern city. Ayutthaya, in contrast to Sukhothai, became a vivid business province.
Bangkok – metropolis! If you want to explore the modern side of Thailand, Bangkok is the place for you to go. The city is marked by opposites: poverty and prosperity, technology and backwardness, tradition and modernity – this city will surprise you!

The South

Southern Thailand is an islands’ paradise! White sandy beaches, colourful maritime worlds and scenic sunsets will make your dream about perfect beach holidays come true.
Next to popular destinations like Koh Phi Phi or Koh Samui, you can also visit various non-touristic islands where you can relax at the beach.


In contrast to Europe, Thailand has only three seasons of the year: summer, winter and rainy season. Due to high temperatures and humidity – no matter when you arrive in Thailand – you will need some time to get used to the climate.
It is very hot and dry in March and April when it is not unlikely that the temperature goes up to 40 degrees. During rainy season, there is a lot of heavy rain and you have to take the possibility of flooding into account.
The best time for travelling in Thailand is from November until February. This is the time when rainy season is over and the temperature is still mild.

Culture and Religion

Culture and religion are almost inseparable in Thailand. You will see monks in their orange robes, temples and pagodas everywhere you go. Moreover, you will find the roots of Buddhism in the mentality of the Thai people.
The majority of the Thai population – more than 90 % - are Buddhists. In the South however you can find Muslims and the hill tribes in Northern Thailand believe in nature deities or changed to Christianity. Like its various religions, the Thai culture is really diversified and will fascinate you.

Meet a culture that is so different to what you can experience in your home country!

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